What to do in Ariège in winter ?

What to do in Ariège  ...

Are you looking for fun and original activities for your next winter vacation in Ariège? The Toulouse Pyrenees Guide has put together a great program to satisfy all your desires. At the foot of the Pyrenees, this department is a nature destination, which offers the practice of many outdoor and mountain sports, in all seasons. We also promise you moments of relaxation to take care of yourself and visits to learn about the history of the region.

Opening photo : Couflens in winter © Marc Andreu / Adobe Stock

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Practice a winter sport in the Pyrenean resorts of Ariège

In the Ariège Pyrenees, many resorts welcome you and offer you original sliding sports. This is the opportunity to try out unusual activities, to enjoy the snow in a different way!

  • Ax-3-domains is an innovative resort where you can learn all kinds of board sports : freestyle, boarder-cross, snowpark, fatbike, snake glide... but also more technical activities, such as mountaineering, or fun, like building an igloo.
  • The Monts d'Olmes resort is the ideal place to indulge in mogul skiing.
  • The resort of Beille invites you to stroll on its magnificent plateau, to the natural rhythm of its horses, the Mérens, either by ski-joering or by horse drawn carriage.
  • At the Chioula pass, you can admire nature on board a dog sled.
  • In the Mijanès-Donezan resort, you can also try the snake-gliss.
  • The resort of Guzet provides you with its slalom stadium, but also its freeride snowparket areas.

For a complete tour of the resorts, see our article on winter sports in Ariège.

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We reveal everything you always wanted to know about sledding! (fr)

snowshoes sled dogs

The mountain in a different way, enjoy the snow through original activities in Ariège! Photos @ Unsplash.com

Hot water canyoning in the Thuès canyon

Canyoning is a very complete activity, combining hiking, climbing or abseiling, and swimming. It is a whitewater sport, which is practiced mainly from spring to autumn. For a change, we take you to the heart of a snowy forest, to enjoy the pleasures of water, in the middle of winter ! In Thuès-entre-Valls there is a small canyon from which 40 ° hot springs spring up.  

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Test the altitude hike in the Ariège Pyrenees

To get some fresh air and recharge your batteries in the heart of nature, hiking, whether on foot or by bicycle, allows you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Ariège, practicing a sport suitable for all levels. To admire the beautiful landscapes under the snow, try the altitude hike :

  • In the Monts d'Olmes resort, you can take beautiful walks, on foot or on snowshoes, towards an icy pond!  
  • On the Beille plateau, you can observe the typical wildlife of the Pyrenees, thanks to the Nordic walking track.
  • The snowy forest of Aulus-les-Bains is magnificent, from the first snowflakes.

In the mountains, don't neglect safety. Guides are there to help you select the routes suited to your level, advise and accompany you.

Mountain hiking

The Attack of the Ariège mountains chamois. Photo : @ Todd Diemer / Unsplash

Explore the beautiful villages of Ariège

Lovers of old stones will have their eyes sparkling in front of these witnesses to the history of Ariège. The vestiges of prehistory, the 100 years war, then the religious war and the Cathar persecutions have left their traces on the architectural heritage. You will see beautiful bastides, medieval towns, Templar towns. We take you to visit the most beautiful villages of Ariège and here are our favorites :  

  • Montségur, the city of Catharism.
  • Mirepoix is a medieval bastide, with its cathedral, its half-timbered houses and its knighthood.
  • Saint-Lizier and its religious heritage.
  • Le Mas d'Azil has been occupied since prehistoric times. This village has such a long and rich history to tell...

saint lizier

Heritage discovery walks are available in Saint-Lizier. Photo @Guide Toulouse Pyrenees

Relax in the thermal baths and wellness areas

Do you want to take advantage of the holidays to relax and take care of yourself? The Pyrenees are known for their sources. Spas dot the chain of the Pyrenees and allow you to enjoy the benefits of their waters :

  • Ax-les-Thermes thermal center
  • The Couloubret baths
  • The Baths of Aulus-les-Bains  

the good idea Want to please yourself? Read our report at the sumptuous Château de Beauregard, which promises you relaxing pleasures, in a very beautiful residence, with a delicious restaurant and a luxurious spa.  

castle of beauregard

The pleasures of a high mountain spa. Photo @Fiche of Château de Beauregard

Go shopping

Pamiers and Foix are important economic centers of Ariège. As you stroll through the city center or shopping malls, you will find many boutiques, large brands and independent stores.

The markets allow you to meet producers, discover local crafts and taste good local products. Here are the main markets of Ariège :  

  • Sunday in Engomer
  • Monday and Thursday in Mirepoix
  • Tuesday in Castillon-en-Couserans
  • Wednesday in Tarascon
  • Wednesday in Saint-Lizier
  • Thursday in Seix
  • Thursday at the Bastide-de-Sérou
  • Friday in Foix
  • Saturday in Saint-Girons

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Take a gourmet getaway in Saint-Girons.

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You are well prepared for your next winter vacation in Ariège. We hope to have made you want to experiment with new activities, to discover the region under this beautiful white veil of winter.

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