Haute Garonne: family activities not to be missed, with sunny days!

Haute Garonne: family ...

As a family , do you like exploring your region, exploring new places , having good ideas for outings with children ? You have to amuse them , let off steam , tickle their curiosity to get them off the TV? Here is our top family activities in Haute-Garonne to do with the return of sunny days!

Le Rucher des Anes, in Rieux

It’s an educational farm for great donkey rides, but not only! In this season, they offer plans for your vegetable patch and a whole myriad of cute animals to discover. Even the grown-ups will fall for it! Visit the farm, with rabbits, pigs, dwarf goats and bees making honey as the name of the place suggests!

Geocaching in Haute Garonne

Free, fun and educational, geocaching is an activity that appeals to children, but also to parents! It's a real life-size treasure hunt. The goal ? Using your Smartphone and an application to download (on the Android and Apple stores), you must look for "caches", which give you clues to find the following ones, until the end point. You just need to locate yourself on the application and it will indicate nearby hunts. There are small objects in the caches, such as treasures, trophies! Some tourist offices offer specific, historical routes, around nature or heritage. In the same genre, you can download the application to search for Pokémon, which will be very successful with the youngest, this is a healthy way to keep the weekend busy.

Some links to get started:

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The Gardens of the Museum, at Borderouge

North of Toulouse, at Borderouge, the Gardens of the Museum have a very low entry price (3 euros) and the visit is a delight. There is a large vegetable garden with 700 varieties of plants, trails on a natural area of 3ha, in the heart of the Maourine park, we go there on organized visits with a mediator. An educational hive will arouse children's curiosity. It is a living museum, amazing!

The website to find out more

Picking strawberries, near Toulouse

It's the right time of the year! Come and pick your own, it's so bucolic and economical! You pick up and pay at the end only for the weight of what is in your basket. From fields to plate (if you haven't eaten everything before). Pick-up Lavernose updates its pick-up times and dates, to be checked before leaving. Take gloves and something to protect yourself from the sun. You should bring your containers, for even more ecological spirit! The website for more information and to see the timetables.

Pick strawberries near Toulouse

The Tépacap leisure park, in Rieumes

Tree climbing for young and old, among the trees, in nature. We have fun safely! There are inflatables, a labyrinth and the pleasant site allows you to spend a great day outdoors. Super tip: -20% at the entrance with the code GUIDETOULOUSE, see their information sheet to organize your outing.

Tepacap Tepacap
Photo credits: Tepacap fact sheet

The Gallic Village, the archeosite, in Rieux Volvestre

At Rieux Volvestre, it is an eco-museum, a living and timeless place on 9ha of nature. There are activities to do with the children, a nice walk and workshops led by craftsmen. It is a real small village, it feels good, it is ideal for spending a day full of culture and unforgettable for fans of old trades. 

Animaparc, Le Burgaud

It is a theme park on the border of Tarn-et-Garonne, on 15ha, 3 shaded parks welcome animals, in an educational environment. There are also around thirty attractions in another area of the park, for fun as in a beautiful fun fair. As for the dinosaur forest, you can travel back in time… 

ZouZou Parc, in Verfeil

A leisure park northeast of Toulouse, on the border with the Tarn. We do pony rides, we jump on inflatable structures and parents are not left out, with a relaxation area for them! Click for more information

The Ramée leisure center

It is 30 minutes from Toulouse. Prepare the picnic, the sandals and the towels, the sneakers and the hats, on the way! In Tournefeuille, it's 243 ha (just that) for relaxation and fun, enough to keep you busy all day. Tennis, ball games, children's games, nautical base, swimming pool ... What more could you ask for? Some practical info

Rowing leisure center
Photo credit: Paternel 1 CC BY-SA 4.0

African Safari Zoo, Plaisance-du-Touch

For animal lovers! For 50 years, Zoo African Safari has hosted species from around the world. You can visit the park in a classic way, on foot. Or embark on a real safari, aboard your vehicle to see the animals in the park in semi-freedom, as in Kenya! Lots of entertainment in summer!

The Ferme du Paradis, in Rieumes

It is home to over 200 species of animals. There are those we know, farm and backyard animals, then there are rare animals such as fallow deer, rather familiar and so moving! We can feed them, approach some (with calm and respect) and make big smiles on the mini version animals like pigs, cows, kangaroos ... There are games for children, inflatable and to climb and what to eat. 

The cabin farm, in Clermont-Le-Fort

It offers a beautiful nature day for children: hikes, visits, organized snacks facing the Pyrenees chain, workshops for children (caring for animals, making bread) and why not go and celebrate their birthday there with friends? Call to book your day: 05 61 75 98 20

Merville Castle

40 minutes north of Toulouse, the castle and the labyrinth of Merville can be visited on weekends and summer, on weekdays. It is the largest historic boxwood labyrinth in Europe. It can be assessed on a visit route, enhanced by a smartphone application to immerse yourself in virtual reality and go back in time. In 2020, a novelty, a journey with explanations of the great inventions and scientists who have marked history! Visit the site to organize your visit 

Montvert Park, Castelmaurou

Come and play a game of minigolf or bubble foot! All the equipment is at your disposal and you can share a moment of skill and adventure with your children. From 5 years old, you can invite your children to come and let off steam together and with you, safely on the 500m2 turfed field of Bubble Foot. In a swollen and giant plastic ball, we throw ourselves on each other, in a good mood. Find out more


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