What to eat at the bottom of the ski runs ?

What to eat at the bo ...

Discover the traditional cuisine of the mountains ! After a quick coffee and toast at 7am so you can be on the ski runs from the opening of the ski lifts ; it is now noon, you have skied all morning and you are literally starving ! Before choosing a triangular sandwich and a box of chips, discover the mountain specialities that you can find in the resort either in the mountain top restaurants or in the restaurants at the bottom of the ski runs. Invigorating, hearty, comforting and really delicious dishes... that will make you drool ! Diner is served !

The specialities of the Hautes-Pyrénées

The confit : either duck or goose confit, it is a speciality that is cooked slowly and with love... We prepare the confit, then we preserve it, until it is time to savour it with friends. Eat with Tarbais beans, a true delight !

The Garbure is a soup, made of vegetables (mainly cabbage, beans, potatoes) and Tarbais beans, it is stewed with duck confit and local ham bone, yum... When you finish your plate, do not forget to do a "chabrot", it means to pour some red wine in your plate, and... to drink it with elegance !

Faire Chabrot, image domaine public

The Gâteau à la broche : One of a kind Gascony speciality, the gâteau à la broche requires particular know-how for its confection. The dough is poured in a conical shape mould, which is put on a on a turn-spit. The dough trickles and cooks in front of the fireplace, forming lovely spikes. The beautiful amber colour is obtained in the last minutes of cooking, it is an art in itself and it is a culinary wonder to observe and also to savour, obviously !

The Porc Noir de Bigorre (The Bigorre Black Pork) is cooked in many ways that will delight your taste buds. Bred on the Pyrenean Piémont, it is an animal with a fine and strong meat. Its diet of grass, acorns, chestnuts and other undergrowth vegetation provides a veined meat texture melting in the mouth with a soft aroma. Taste this exceptional meat that is best complemented with mushrooms or mashed potatoes with butter.

Character Cheeses : With all this greenery, the cows, ewes and goats can graze and offer various and creamy cheeses. The Tomme de Barousse, from the Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges Valley, smells like the mountains and the fresh air :)

The Mountain specialities in Haute Garonne

The Cassoulet is a speciality from Toulouse, which is perfect during cold weather. Fill up with calories with this invigorating dish which cooks for at least 4 hours. Goose confit, Toulouse sausage, and melting pieces of pork complement this traditional dish with white Tarbais beans.

Crédit Photo - Fotolia ©Sollub

The Pyrenean Fondue, a revisited version of the classic fondue, is made with good cow or goat cheeses from the Pyrénées, like the Tomme. Come and taste this audacious but... delicious imposture !

For desert, be tempted by the croustade de pommes (Apple pastry), a southwest origin dessert full of flavours and with a crusty texture. See that : a thin pastry, crumpled between slices of candied apples, sprinkled of sugar caramelizing and why not a bit of alcohol too ? A delightful way to end the meal...

Croustade version déstructurée et vanillée

The specialities from the Ariège Mountains

The Bethmale is a cheese from Ariège, which can easily replace raclette cheese in the dish of the same name. Savour this speciality in Ariège.

Le Mongetado, it is a “cassoulet” the Ariège’s way ! Duck, pork, beans, onions and other vegetables... Slow cooked all the good stuff until it caramelises... It melts in the mouth and lets you relish the flavours.

And what to drink with all of this ? The Ariège wines never fail to surprise ! Discover the wine producers on your holidays by either tasting a glass or bring few bottles home.

The best economic plan from the Guide Toulouse Pyrénées

Think catering ! Think take away ! Do you want to spend the full day on the ski runs ? The day before, choose a take-away formula restaurant. Fill a box up with delights to be consumed cold at the top of the ski lifts.

For example, we visited the Restaurant de la Grange, in Saint-Lary. Located two steps away from the "eggs" and the cable cars, there you can satisfy your appetite with local specialities, that are literally to die for... We especially liked to discover the local beers. For the sweet tooth, the desserts are a true delight ; we could make a full meal just out of them !!! The Restaurant de la Grange is the type of place that you’ll end up taking 2 even 3 times more food than planned, the catering services offers the possibility to the gourmets skiers of a take away option to be enjoyed on the ski slopes or at your rental place, at the end of the day !

Le Restaurant de la Grange

Le restaurant de la Grange 2

Another idea ! Prepare a small basket during the morning or the day before with bread, a local delicious cheese slice, some traditional smoked ham, and visit the wine cellars (to celebrate this, with moderation) and you have now a royal picnic !

Les bières des Pyrénées

A lunch with the most beautiful view on the ski resort, at the top of the ski runs, is waiting for you... More importantly, do not forget to pick up your rubbish if you picnic ! The mountain is so beautiful...

Of course, the cuisine and its specialities (especially the mountain specialities) have no boundaries ; you can therefore savour the dishes above in all the restaurants of the Pyrenees.

Do not forget to check our restaurants section, to do your choice !

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